Featured in Rappelkopf Magazine

The October 2009 issue of the Austrian/German magazine Rappelkopf features several photographs from The magazine, as described to us, is a satirical magazine in the vein of the popular US website The Onion. The article where our Tokyo street fashion photographs are featured is about Lolita Fashion. We can’t read German/Austrian, so we don’t actually know what it says, but the pictures turned out nice, at least.

The Japanese Lolita on the bottom right was photographed near Harajuku Station. The girls on the left, photographed near Shibuya 109, are more Hime Gal than Lolita. Sorry about the questionable quality of the scan!

Tokyo Fashion in Rappelkopf Magazine

If you’re interested in more info, check out the Rappelkopf Magazine website.

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  1. they say stuff about when lolitafashion started and about the different sorts of style’s you have =D i’m not from germany but it looks a lot like dutch. I’m dutch sooo ^^

  2. a dirndl is not a typical Austrian “costume” ,
    it´s a typical german Dress like for a japanese woman the Kimono ;)
    (the Drindl is a typical Dress for the Women in Bavaria)

  3. @leeila Actually, a Dirndl is a traditional costume for women and so called both in Austria and in Germany. I am Austrian, I am in the folkdance scene, my mother wears a Dirndl, so you can believe me.