Takato and Maho are both 18 years old and both students. Even in the anything-goes world of Harajuku street fashion, they really stand out with their own traditional Japanese inspired style. When we spotted them on the street, the large handmade doll attached to each of their bags (he’s carrying the girl doll, she’s carrying the boy) caught our attention right away.

On the left is Takato. His look is nearly impossible to describe properly, so just take a look for yourself. He told us that many of the items in the layered outfit are handmade (including his sandals with large bells on the back) and some were purchased from the Tokyo resale shops Kinji and Chicago. His accessories are numerous – including circle glasses, multiple ear piercings, silver rings, an armor ring, and a very large wooden cross necklace. He told us that his favorite fashion brand is Monomania and his favorite band is The Mirraz. Takato has his own blog if you’re interested in finding out more about his life and style.

On the right is Maho, who we photographed recently with one of her female friends. Her Japanese flag-themed outfit also features many handmade elements along with items purchased resale at Kinji and Chicago. She said that she got her saddle shoes – which she is wearing with thigh-high stockings – as a gift. Accessories include a pin from Monomania, several vintage pinup artwork pins, round glasses, multiple ear piercings, lots of silver rings, an eye ball ring, a tassel, and various necklaces. She told us that her favorite fashion brand is Monomania and her favorite band is The Mirraz. If you’d like to know more about her, check out Maho’s blog!

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  1. Why such a fur? Why were supposed to take an expensive life that will never get back?

  2. Sooo interesting. These looks are so intense. Its interesting, because we’ve seen some similar elements combined…The saddle shoes, sandals, old Japan/red mixed with large crosses, round glasses, but this look epitomizes the intensity of this type of style. I’m just waiting for it to have a catch phrase name. Haha.

    Also…The dolls are interesting, but they really creep me out a bit. ha

  3. All great apart from the dead animal round the guy’s waist.

  4. Ouuu.. I find them very scary!! But I guess they’re also cool somehow .. (^_^)

  5. Maybe the fur is fake, cant imagine its real.

  6. SEMTSensei

    OK I love alternative looks, and originality, but WHAT is with these dolls? Creepy, disturbing, sad. I also have a bit of a problem with religious artifacts being used in this way – both the Buddhist beads and the crosses. Other wise, i like their creativity and love the make-up!!!

  7. This is why I love Japanese fashion! Awesome outfits on both of them, though I have to agree and say that the dolls are creepy and unnecessary, more so than the animal fur. Real or fake, I think the fur looks good.

  8. That fur wil be real. I was over there last year when the fur tail obsession was going on and they were all real.

    Btw just looking at these two in KERA magazine too :)

  9. dead_teruterubozu

    what a.. weird style.. but unique!

  10. this make me want to go to japan i love the styles so mmm whats the word i am looking for… retro, different insanely good