Triple Bun Hairstyle, Striped Dress & Platform Sneakers in Harajuku

Monroe is a friendly Harajuku girl who we regularly see around the streets – and at the Harajuku-themed Pop N Cute parties.

In addition to her cute hairstyle and hair clips, Monroe is wearing a striped dress with a colorful necklace and platform sneakers from Pin Nap Harajuku. Her purse has been decorated with lots of cute stickers.

Monroe is a fan of the K-Pop group 2NE1. For more info on Monroe, check her out on Twitter or Instagram.

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  1. Csigalica

    Kawaii~ i like this hair:) btw how she make it?

  2. Csigalica

    I like that hair! How did she make it? Help plz~

  3. I can definitely see the Dara influence in her hair. Cutie!!

  4. Amanda Miyoko

    Does anyone know were this dress is from? Like it :D