Twin Braids Hairstyle, The Simpsons & Suspenders in Harajuku

Hiromi is a friendly and stylish girl who we see around Harajuku often. She’s easy to recognize because of her trademark yellow hair (looks orange in this light, but it’s yellow). Hiromi works at the popular boutique Nadia Harajuku.

In addition to her cool yellow twin braids hairstyle, Hiromi’s look includes a resale The Simpsons t-shirt with print pants and Vans flag-print sneakers. Accessories include a Krusty The Clown button, non-matched suspenders, and an acid wash Jansport backpack.

For more info on Hiromi & her Harajuku life, follow her on Twitter.

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  1. Victoria Moore

    I loved the way she mixed all of those colors and prints. They really work.

  2. Agreed with the above comment, she really made this style work out which may not be easy. I love the Simpsons, those pants are adorable :D