Twintails, Pink Chiffon Robe & Cute Lace Bloomers in Harajuku

This cute girl with twin ponytails is Nana, an 18-year-old student that we’ve snapped before here. On this day she was wearing a chiffon robe from Spinns and lace bloomers from the shop called Chicago. Her fabric bag is from E Hyphen World Gallery. Her shoes, which are worn with lacey socks, are white rocking horse creepers (love these but she didn’t tell us where she got them).

Nana’s accessories include a large heart ring from 6%DokiDoki and one of the tattoo chokers with gold cross that are very popular in Tokyo this season.

When we asked Nana about her shopping preferences she said her favorite place to shop is Kinji. She also told us her favorite music genres are electro, house and techno. Nana is active on Twitter.

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  1. :O Amo signed her bag!
    Though I’m not surprised, based on her makeup style she looks like a fan of Amo-chan :3

  2. i seriously love her style! so pinky but soft pink suit the best ?