Unicorn Earrings, Colorful Hair, Avantgarde Tights & Dog Harajuku Platforms

Ena is a striking 22-year-old girl who we met on the street in Harajuku. Her rainbow hair & futuristic fashion caught our eye right away.

Ena is wearing an outfit that features a gold and black net top from Dog Harajuku with Forever21 faux leather shorts, colorful Avantgarde Harajuku graphic tights, and cool platforms from Dog Harajuku. Accessories – some of which came from Dog and Bubbles Harajuku – include a handmade gold studded purse, a crucifix necklace, and unicorn earrings.

Ena’s favorite shops are all in Harajuku – Dog, Avantgarde, and Bubbles. She also likes rock music.

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  1. PoisonCherry

    I love her whole look,but I am in love with her shoes :3

  2. Ohh this is one awesome look! Her shoes are abolutely stunning! I really love the way she mixes so many different styles together! It reminds me abit of the way I dress sometimes.. albeit a bit more hippy, but I love the mixing.

  3. Victoria Moore

    Her avant-garde tights really tie together her outfit. She looks really cool!

  4. Longroad12

    This is a real view of what’s to come, a trend-setter, you are looking at the year of 2023, this is a decade coming your way.. The real deal.

  5. Siobhan G

    Love the tights, love the whole outfit and her look. Wish I was younger. :-/

  6. CookieChan

    Shorts, shoes, hair, earings, tights . . . I ♥ her style (/*[]*)/