Uniqlo Jacket w/ Lego Heart Pin & Lad Musician Oxfords in Harajuku

Ryo is 20 and he goes to college. When we met, he was wearing a chunky polka dot neck piece and a lego heart-shaped pin that quickly stole our eye. Here is the breakdown of his outfit:

His white, knee length shirt is from Hiro, layered over a pair of leggings, and his sailor-inspired coat is from Uniqlo. Ryo is wearing Lad Musician oxfords, a colorful backpack and wooden sunglasses.

You can find him on Twitter for regular updates. Know that he’s a Tokyo Incidents fan who shops at Hiro, Uniqlo and hatra most often.

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  1. That lego heart pin is pretty darn cool.
    But OMG my eyes keep going to the guy dressed up as a maid(?) in the first picture. So distracting XD

  2. haha, maid in the background is even more interesting :)

  3. hahahaha maid definitely caught our attention. who cares for the guy :))

  4. That neck piece is amazing! I bet it’s keeping him warm. And the pin really gives the outfit a pop of color!

    Happy to hear that Uniqlo is making its way into the USA <3

  5. The best part of his outfit is the lego heart! The girl behind him is more interesting!

  6. Hahha, people are always so naive and innocent here. The maid is definitely not a girl :D

  7. def couldn’t look at his outfit with the maid man in the back