Valentine’s Day in Japan – Salon du Chocolat Tokyo

Valentine’s Day 2010 is just a few days away. You know what that means – lots of love…and chocolate. In Japan, Valentine’s day is a little different from in the West. Japanese women give gifts to men (boyfriends, friends, co-workers, bosses, etc.), but guys don’t generally give anything to their sweethearts on February 14th. Instead, Japanese men give gifts to their girlfriends on White Day, which is on March 14th – exactly one month after Valentine’s Day. (Here at Tokyo Fashion, we’ve been known to break the rules and share our V-Day sweets with boys, girls, and anyone in between that just happens to be passing by.)

Cute Chocolate Face in Tokyo

Like the rest of the world, one of the most common Valentine’s Day gifts in Japan is chocolate. Some of the chocolate flavors may be specific to the Japanese market (azuki chocolate, green tea chocolate, yuzu, etc.), but chocolate itself remains incredibly popular in Japan. It’s so popular, in fact, that the famous Salon du Chocolat event is held in Tokyo every year. Founded in Paris, Salon du Chocolat is now also held annually in New York, Moscow, Beijing, and several other major cities.

Salon du Chocolat Tokyo is an event that brings together fifty of the top chocolate companies from Japan and around the world to show off – and sell – their confections. In additional to offering up a lot of exclusive high-end chocolate, renowned companies like Jean-Paul Hevin, Michel Richart, Pierre Marcolini, Boissier, and Valrhona also fly in their top chocolatiers to give daily talk shows and to meet and greet their Japanese customers.

This year, and for the last eight years, Salon du Chocolat Tokyo was held at the Isetan Department Store in Shinjuku. Isetan is one of the most popular Department Stores in Tokyo, which guaranteed that the event would be packed every day. Huge crowds didn’t stop us from making a trip over to take photos – and to buy lots of delicious chocolate. Even though we can’t share our chocolate with your over the Internet, we did bring back plenty of pretty pictures. Please enjoy Salon du Chocolat Tokyo 2010…

Salon du Chocolat Tokyo
Colorful chocolates – including Yuzu chocolate – by Sadaharu AOKI Paris.

Chocolate Hearts in Tokyo
Pretty chocolate hearts from Jean-Paul Hevin.

Salon du Chocolat
More Jean-Paul Hevin chocolate.

Valentine's Day in Tokyo
Japanese women enjoying the chocolate eye candy.

Chocolate Ballerina
A chocolate ballerina from Fabrice Gillotte.

Chocolate Artwork
Chocolate artwork by Stephane Treand.

Salon du Chocolat in Japan
StickStyle Wineside at Salon du Chocolat Tokyo.

Bernd Siefert at Salon du Chocolat
Bernd Siefert signing autographs at Salon du Chocolat. He was too nice!

Pink Valentine's Day Gifts
Cute pink Prestat chocolates and gifts.

Chocolate Jewelry
El Ceibo chocolate jewelry in Tokyo.

Chocolate Chef in Tokyo
Mary’s Chocolate DECLUC chef at Isetan.

Japanese Girls at Salon du Chocolat
Japanese girl looking at chocolate.

Tokyo Chocolate
Tokyo Chocolate!

Chocolate Robot in Tokyo
A chocolate robot in Japan.

100% Chocolate cafe
100% Chocolate Cafe at Salon du Chocolat.

Babbi Japanese Chocolate
Cute smiling girls at the Babbi Japanese chocolate booth. Check the leopard print chocolate hearts in the display case.

Giant Chocolate Bearbrick
A giant (400%) Babbi Chocolate Bearbrick. I don’t think it was really made of chocolate. Too bad!

Tasty & Pretty Chocolate
Chocolaterie de Monaco – delicious!

Japanese Chocolate Lovers
Lots of Japanese chocolate lovers at Salon du Chocolat Tokyo.

Salon du Chocolat Booth
Debailleul at Salon du Chocolat.

Christine Ferber Jam
Christine Ferber was at the event, along with a huge selection of her world famous jam and chocolate spread.

Jean-Paul Hevin Cafe
The Jean-Paul Hevin Cafe at Salon du Chocolat Tokyo.

Chocolate Burgers
Best idea ever – Chocolate Burgers. Actually, they were pretty tasty – like macarons. From Morten Heiberg.

Chocolate Tierras in Tokyo
There were lots of chocolate tierras for the hungry princess in all of us!

You can click any of the pictures to see them in high resolution.

Update: We’ve uploaded even more Salon du Chocolat Tokyo pictures to the Tokyo Fashion Flickr page.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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  1. Well, it’s kind of weird to see “Salon du chocolat” writted like this, I think it’ll be better to write “Le Salon du chocolat” (I’m french, so that’s why I think it’s weird ! ^_^) and also, about the part who talk about “chocolate burger”, you wrote “macaroon” instead of “macaron”, wich are two differents pastries (macaroon is made with coconut). I think it can help !

    Everything looks so tasty, it made me hungry…

  2. tokyo

    Thank you for the message, candymitsu! I fixed the macaron typo. :-) As far as the name, I don’t know why they call it that (I can’t speak French), but for some reason the “Le” is left off of the official name. Maybe they think it sounds better internationally or something?

    I hope you have a chance to visit the event next year in Tokyo!

  3. Very cool! I like the idea of Japanese women giving gifts to men on V-day. I guess I’ll see what its all about next year during Valentine’s Day 2011.

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  5. too bad my birthday is on feb 14th so the guy would have to end up buying me a chocolate cake and a birthday card =P I would luck out, because on march 14th I would get some chocolate and something white maybe a vanilla milk shake with some chocolate mixed in since I don’t like whit chocolate. I love dark chocolate 70% and higher I even ate dark chocolate that was 90% dark and it was bitter but I enjoyed every last bite =)

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