VAMPS “Halloween Party” 2014 Costume Pictures & Video

Halloween is exactly one week away – and that means that it’s time to kick off our Halloween in Japan 2014 coverage!

This year, we’re starting with over 150 costume photos – and video – from the big VAMPS “Halloween Party” 2014 in Tokyo! The VAMPS Halloween Party featured an all-star lineup, including Hyde’s holiday super group Halloween Junky Orchestra, Momoiro Clover Z, Daigo, Kishidan, and more.

Those of you that have been following Tokyo Fashion for a few years know that we have a lot of fun with our Halloween in Japan coverage. We’ve been attending the VAMPS “Halloween Party” for several years (check our Halloween Party 2013 and Halloween Party 2012 pictures), and we always meet a lot of wonderful people.

This year, in addition to the YouTube video above, we took over 150 pictures of Halloween costumes at the Vamps event. We hope you enjoy seeing the variety of costumes and we hope you appreciate the effort that all of these people put into their Halloween looks.

This is just the start of our Halloween coverage. Please keep checking back (and subscribe to the Tokyo Fashion YouTube Channel) so you don’t miss any of our future Halloween fun. Happy Halloween everyone!

Click on any VAMPS Halloween Party photo to enlarge it.

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  1. wow! I always see these pictures every year , i´m a fan! and it´s always so cool!, people , costumers, everithing is perfect! tokio it´s definitely the best place to spend halloween thats for sure! I wish here in colombia were like that. Ok greetings, bye and happy halloween!!