Vivid Vi Vrant Eyelash Designer’s Pretty Pink Harajuku Style

Vivi is a Japanese eyelash designer (her brand is Vivid Vi Vrant) and a well known personality around the streets of Harajuku. We’ve been photographing Vivi for several years, and her looks are always amazing!

Vivi is wearing a tiered pink top with a bright pink skirt, pink striped socks (held up with pink garters), and hot pink heels. Accessories include several large (really large) bows, a heart-print parasol, and a magic wand that says “With You, With Love”. Her heart charm eyelashes are from her own Vivid Vi Vrant collection.

Vivi’s eyelash designs are creative and cute – check out pictures of them at the Vivid Vi Vrant web shop. You can also follow her official blog, or find Vivi on Twitter.

Click on any photo to enlarge it.

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  1. Nice to see someone that isn’t stick-thin! :) very cute and very pink~

  2. Best one I’ve seen on this app, she looks legitimately harajuku

  3. Kurikara-tan

    Reminds me of Junko Enoshima… u w u
    I love her outfit though!

  4. I love her! She is gorgeous. Its nice to see someone who isn’t stick thin rocking their own personal style and not being afraid to show it off.

  5. I really like the colors she is wearing! Pink looks good on her. Also I really like the blue bow and red parasol.