Li Lium’s Blackmeans Sweater, BCB Hat & Dr. Denim Shredded Jeans

This is Li Lium, who works at WEGO Harajuku on Takeshita Dori – we’ve posted pictures of him many times over the years. Li Lium’s wearing a cool striped sweater with leather trim from Blackmeans, a v-neck shirt from Browny Vintage and shredded jeans from Dr. Demin. His platform boots are from Vivienne Westwood x George Cox.

Li Lium’s accessories from Blackmeans and other shops include a large silver cross on a chain, a coin purse with an ethnic design and two signet rings. He’s also wearing a hat from Banal Chic Bizarre.

When we asked Li Lium about his favorite sources for fashion he told us he likes Berberjin and WEGO Harajuku.

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  1. Kakoiiiiii! Very cool looking! Love those boots and his overall look.

  2. the boots are elevator boots meant to make him look taller if you look at the back you can tell his heel starts well above the sole…. thats why they look a little off in the front because his foot is in an arch and the toes end about an inch from the front