WEGO Nachiko w/ Sukajan, Tattoo & Tokyo Bopper Platforms

This stylish green-haired Japanese girl is Nachiko and she works at the popular Tokyo resale clothing store WEGO. Besides her fashion, check out the awesome (and colorful) tattoo on her left arm that says “I’ll Never Forget You”.

Nachiko’s outfit includes a sukajan satin jacket that she purchased resale, a top from EMODA under a long white lace negligee that she got from the Harajuku resale shop Panama Boy, torn denim shorts that were also picked up resale, print stockings, and cool studded platform shoes from Harajuku’s Tokyo Bopper. Her accessories include a couple of metal necklaces (one from The Virgin Mary, the other from Nude Trump), a parrot ring, a silver bracelet, and a shopping bag from Malko Malka.

When we asked Nachiko where her favorite place to shop for fashion is, she told us that she enjoys vintage and resale stores.

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. I dont really like this look… it has cool items but it looks like she stole her grandma’s curtains and borrowed that jacket from a hobo. lose the curtains and it would be pretty cool.

  2. I think this blog is to share and appreciate different fashion types from Tokyo. Its not a place to be a fashion critique and be mean but there’s always someone who feels the need to judge and insult what someone is wearing. She already wore it. She is a real person. Be nice.

  3. Absolutely Love everything about this! From head to toe!!

  4. I love boyish jackets mixed with girly clothes like that white negligee *.*
    Great outfit!

  5. Vera song

    Can i know where i can that stocking?so pretty

  6. i’m extrememly shocked to read some of the other people’s comments.. can’t you have some respect for other people and their style choices? This mika guy, i’d like to slap him to teach him some respect. oh, i can see someone else noticed it right under his useless comment.. cool :)
    anyways, even though this is not my choice of style, i really dig Nachiko’s tough girl look and tattoo (i need money to achieve the ones i want too!), i really love strong looking girls like her! That bomber embroided jacket and large tattoo makes me imagine she’s the daughter of a famous Yakuza, or dating one haha that’s silly but well, yeah, i like it :)

  7. There’s just something otherworldly about her glare. Stunning.

  8. i like how her jacket and tattoo match, as well as her inner layer of clothes matching the multiple shades of her hair. This is a style I probably wouldn’t even consider (because it looks really really complicated o_o) but it looks absolutely stunning on this lady!

  9. she is so cute ….

    Her clothes ia amazing

    also… she have a beatiful tatu <3

    but i think …. her hair colour is not very good …… whit the better colour she can be more cute…… XD