WEGO & New York Joe Pop Music Tops + Cute Legwear

Here are two stylish girls who’ve combined pop music-themed t-shirts with eye-catching legwear. The girl on the right with long blonde hair with pink tips is 20-year-old Shiori. She’s wearing a KISS top from WEGO with a satin bomber jacket tied around her waist. She’s also wearing tattoo tights with a criss-cross ribbon pattern and platform sneakers from Nadia.

Shiori’s accessories include a large black cross, a Candy NYC button, retro sunglasses, a green knit beanie and a Jouetie tote bag. Her jewelry includes a silver ring in the shape of a hand, a small rhinestone ring, a double-strand beaded bracelet and several shaped rubberband bracelets.

You can follow Shiori on Twitter.

The girl on the left with fuchsia hair is 18-year-old Nonoko. She’s wearing a Michael Jackson t-shirt from New York Joe over a cotton print shirt and pink skirt (also from New York Joe). Her fuchsia metallic Mary Jane shoes from Dr. Martens are worn with white socks and thigh highs.

Accessories from Avantgarde and other shops include a rosary necklace, a tattoo choker with gold cross, a Nadia button, a wire ring and a white knit beanie. Her purse is a clear vinyl duffel bag.

Nonoko told us that her favorite shop is Nadia and her favorite music is by Yui

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  1. That Michael Jackson T-shirt + that rosary necklace = HOLY SH*T MAAAAAAN!

    Same goes for the KISS top. Impressive :D

  2. All of the henna jewelry is making me really nostalgic. I like it, though- especially how girls are attaching a mini cross to the chokers~