WEGO Staffer in Straw Hat & Embroidered Cotton Dress

Yamancha is a 24-year-old WEGO staffer. Her makeup includes tiny gems at the corner of one eye. Her outfit consists of a cotton dress from the Machida resale shop that’s embellished with embroidery on the top and at the hem. She’s carrying a mesh purse from Theatre Products.

Accessories include a straw hat from the birthdeath brand. The metal clip on her long hair and her rings are from Theatre Products. Her black jazz shoes, worn with lace-cuffed socks, are from American Apparel.

Yamanch told us that her favorite shops and brands are Theatre Products, birthdeath, Toro and OTOE.
WEGO Staffer in Straw Hat

Embroidered Machida dress

Japanese girl w/ eye makeup with sequins

Plastic ring & red nail polish

Theatre Products mesh purse

Theatre Products metal hair clip

American Apparel jazz shoes & lace socks

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