WEGO’s Li Lium in Browny Village Embroidered Shirt & 99% is SHIT Jeans

Li Lium is a staffer at the WEGO Harajuku shop on Takeshita Dori who we’ve featured here several times in the past. He has a real knack for combining key pieces in different ways to create new looks.

Li’s ready for warmer weather in a sleeveless white shirt with black embroidery detail from Browny Vintage. He’s carrying a jacket from Blackmeans and his skinny jeans are from 99% is SHIT (that is the actual brand name). His studded suede boots are Labrat x George Cox.

Unique accessories from Graa and Blackmeans include three large metal crosses on necklaces, small skull earrings, three large metal rings, a handwoven swatch and leather pouch hanging from his belt, an ethnic coin purse, cool dripping sunglasses, a floppy felt hat and two bandanas tied below the knees.

Li Lium’s favorite fashion sources continue to be Berberjin and WEGO. You can find out more about him on Twitter.

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  1. Dreaded Queen

    Amazing style!! He loves crosses and everything is well put together. Hot!

  2. afrobones

    hehe i like this guy’s fashion…..love the swatch n purse and the metal rings ^^

  3. This man is one of my Harajuku fashion heroes! He’s always so awesome! And he’s wearing the same sunglasses we always see on Norimi! I love them so much *O*

    BTW, 99% is SHIT is the best brand name I’ve ever seen LOL

  4. reminds of johnny depp in that movie when they removed his eyes at the end and he had the sunglasses on and his eyes were bleeding. Awesomeness!