White Sundress Over Pink T-shirt With Twin Ponytails in Harajuku

Mizki is a 21-year old girl working as a freeter, who we met in Harajuku. She looked cute in white and pink, with twin ponytails and eye-length bangs.

The eyelet dress she is wearing is handmade, and the T-shirt underneath is a remake. She carries a Yuki concert bag remake, which looks nice against the brown platform sandals worn with heart print socks. Mizki’s earrings were different: the larger one, shaped like a birdcage, is handmade, while the smaller one is a rose shaped stud. She also accessorized with a rabbit and lace brooch, a gold necklace and rings.

You can stay in touch with Mizki by following her twitter, @mizki_mamomo.

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  1. Why do none of these girls (or boys) ever smile?

  2. Vanessa, I guess there are not that comfortable to be in front of camera.

  3. Mikuchiwa

    Haha she has a Soul Gem from madoka magica ;)

  4. She’s so pretty! She looks like a ventriloquist doll

  5. Her shoes are super nice! What brand? And her birdcage earring :) also it’s not that uncommon not to smile in Japan!

  6. why should people keep smiling?
    i don’t even get it, not like ” retarded ”