Wide Belt Over Cute Baggy Denim Overalls

Tokyo street fashion picture taken on Cat Street.

This cute and charismatic Japanese guy and girl posed for our photo in Shibuya, very near Harajuku. The Japanese guy has great spiked blonde hair, an orange Edwin Jeans brand t-shirt that says “Reach The Stage Of Next”, tan pants, and red-ish leather boots. The so-cutely dressed girl next to him is wearing blue baggy denim overalls with a bit of a drop crotch. She’s got the overalls belted with a wide black belt, rolled up at the bottom of each leg, and she’s wearing a white print t-shirt under them. She’s also wearing cute plaid flats. They are both carrying bags and both wearing silver necklaces. She’s also wearing a second necklace, which is a vintage-looking skeleton key on a long string.

Blue Denim Overalls and Wide Belt

The guy giving us a another cool facial expression:
Japanese Guy Tongue Sticking Out

You can click the top photo to see a bigger version with better details of their outfits.

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  1. I have been looking for overalls exactly like thoose!
    Can you tell me were to find them??

  2. The guy’s attitude is so cool and the girl’s outfit is uber cute!

  3. This is amazing, I love what the girl is wearing. I would wear that! ^-^

  4. wow the girl is so cuteeeee and her outfit just great love the overall)))))want one just like that…..however the belt is not whrite

  5. The boy got nice style and girl sure knows what style is :) haha way to go girl :D makes her rly rly cute tbh

  6. Wow, those overalls look so comfortable… I want one… though i doubt that it would look good on me (coz i’m small) :P

  7. I have black soft baggy overalls how should i wear those ( to school)? Please help i luv dem but kids call me a hillbilly but im ghetto!