World Wide Love & Vivienne Westwood x Lee vs. Victorian Maiden

Here’s a Harajuku couple with lots of personality. The girl on the right with long purple curls is Re-na, a 24-year-old who works in the apparel industry. She’s wearing a felt hat and a flared coat with fur collar and cuffs from Victorian Maiden. Her tights are printed with stars and moons and her cute white clogs are from a resale shop. Her red purse features a punched Vivienne Westwood logo.

Re-na’s accessories include a striking handmade unicorn necklace and a Q-Pot ring. When we asked about her favorite fashion source her answer was Victorian Maiden. Her favorite type of music is baroque and her favorite group is Judy and Mary.

The guy on the left with multiple lip and ear piercings is a designer named Hoppy. His parka and hoodie, which both feature animal prints, are from World Wide Love. His t-shirt is from Candy Stripper and his jeans are Vivienne Westwood x Lee. He’s also wearing Adidas sneakers. Accessories from Q-Pot, Deal Design and Royal Order include a black hat, a variety of earrings and lip rings, buttons on his coat, a Vivienne Westwood silver armor ring and two other silver rings.

Hoppy’s glasses feature a Vivienne Westwood logo and his black plush bag from World Wide Love is decorated with a drippy happy face. Hoppy’s favorite designer is Vivienne Westwood. He also likes Baroque (probably the visual kei band with that name) as well as Dir en Grey and Digital Latte. He invites you to visit the official Digital Latte website.

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  1. Both are wearing great shoes!
    I love her necklace!
    His earrings are awesome, and his bag too! :3

  2. omg i love her necklace, and I have the same VW armour ring as him! cuuuuteee <3

  3. Love love love her pendant! Definitely a fun, cute couple!

  4. Dreaded Queen

    Nice to see a couple having fun! Love her purple hair and shoes. Loving his adidas and jackets!

  5. I think that he meant band Baroque,not baroque music

  6. Thanks Mimi, that makes more sense! Just updated the original post with your suggested info. :-)

  7. The purple hair of the girl is awesome! Don’t know whether it’s a wig or real though. Victorian maiden is one of the prettiest lolita brands, but I’m not a fan of this particular hat…I love the coat though..
    The unicorn necklace is very well made!
    the guy is sooooo cute, that girl is lucky lol