Yellow-Haired Harajuku Guy in h.NAOTO, Algonquins, Black Peace Now & Vivienne Westwood

We met Mono – an 18-year-old student with yellow hair – on the street in Harajuku.

Mono is wearing a patchwork jacket from h.NAOTO over a top from Algonquins, pants from Black Peace Now, and creepers purchased on Takeshita Dori. He’s also wearing an armor ring by Vivienne Westwood, a silver claw ring, band rings, a choker, and a leather skulls bag.

Mono told us he likes Algonquins and Cotton Candy for shopping, and Hardstyle and FrontLiner for music. Learn more about him by following his Twitter.

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  1. Больше не участвуете, собой заслонять не буду.

  2. Кхуе, кхуе, кхуе, как дела с Оскаром?