Yuka’s H&M Top, Zara Skirt & I Am I Cat Watch

This cute girl with auburn hair and a wide lace headband is 20-year-old Yuka. She’s wearing a knit top printed with safety pins from H&M over a black cotton long-sleeved shirt. Her blue cotton skirt is from Zara.

Her cute double-strap shoes, which she’s paired with orange socks, were bought in Harajuku. Her cute cat-faced watch is from I am I and her cross body bag with a silver buckle is from H&M. Other accessories include a double cherry necklace and a wide textured belt.

When we asked Yuka about her favorite place to shop her answer was Top Shop. Her favorite music genre is rock.
H&M top w/ Zara skirt in Harajuku

H&M top with safety pin print in Harajuku

Auburn hair & wide lace headband in Harajuku

H&M cross body bag w/ silver buckle

I Am I cat watch in Harajuku

Double strap shoes with orange socks

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  1. Ohh that necklace and watch!!! I want them! >< Her shoes are very cute, too!

  2. Soooooo…uh…wheres the CUTE girl U was talking about?