6%DOKIDOKI Fashion & Jane Marple Handbag

Here’s another cute Japanese girl we photographed at the 6%DOKIDOKI x Popples event a few weeks ago in Shibuya. She’s wearing an outfit that consists of tops and bottoms from 6%DOKIDOKI, Shirley Temple brand shoes, a Jane Marple handbag, and accessories from both 6%DOKIDOKI and Jane Marple. She told us that one of her favorite fashion brands right now is Jane Marple and that her favorite band is Cocco.

6%DOKIDOKI Style Girl in Tokyo

Jane Marple Handbag

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Special thanks to 6%DOKIDOKI for allowing us to take these pictures at their event.

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  1. I like how she wears the bow around her ankle.. very innovative!

  2. jesika lin

    i also love her mittens, skirt and ankle bow. not so much the bloomers though.

  3. raphaellis (homeboy

    1st off the black bow draws attention to her hair and eyes which are sexy the jacket n top look good together ,the top compliments the bottoms ,the scarf also matches the sexy red tights and the tights compliment her legs!!! the bag is a good match too- yet a daring and playful design.. the gloves are a nice touch too, that also matches well with the top ,jacket and bottom..the bow on the ankle is a sexy n playful touch and again it matches the bottom ,top ,jacket and gloves !!! all in all i think this girl pulled the look off well,,the right mix of fabrics the right mix of colors without being overly bright and without clashing ..and to top it all off those sexy bow legs !! email me cause i have more tips 4u k? homeboy_capri @live.com

  4. I could see this working in the autumn. Comfortable and snuggling with your boy toy…looks nice.

  5. Kearston H

    i lke tht bow on her ankle it is sweet look and sexy at the same time …..