6%DOKIDOKI Yuka in Pink Stockings & Cute Bows

Many of you already know who this is: it’s Yuka, the well-known shop girl from Harajuku fashion brand 6%DOKIDOKI. Yuka is wearing – as you can see – a pink outfit created from various 6%DOKIDOKI pieces. High points of the ensemble include lots of cute hair bows and other accessories, a hair-parakeet (or is that a finch?), a massive 6%DOKIDOKI necklace, eye-catching pink & black striped stockings, and pink patent heels. To show support for Japan after the earthquake, Yuka is also wearing a MIGHTY HARAJUKU Project button. You need to look at the full-sized photos to take in all of the amazing details of her outfit!

Yuka and the entire 6%DOKIDOKI crew (Sebastian, Vani, etc.) are currently getting ready to take MIGHTY HARAJUKU to America and Canada as part of the Harajuku Kawaii Experience 2011 Tour. If you live anywhere near Los Angeles, Seattle, or Vancouver BC, definitely check out the 6%DOKIDOKI Facebook page for details of the upcoming tour. The 6%DOKIDOKI tour stars on April 16, 2011, so better be quick if you’re interested!

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. i would never be able to pull this off, but she looks cute! ^.^

  2. OMG :O I met her when I was in London once! She is so cute and nice, haha :D
    ( srry, for bad english ;/ )


  3. She’s so pretty and cute and wonderful!! :) I wish I was a 6%DokiDoki shop girl! <3 ^.^

    Tokyo fashion you are the best \(^o^)/

  4. I like het shoes and stockings- looks good. What i do not like are eyebrows a la Spock…please………..nooooooooo

  5. Wow… she is just like a doll… a cute living doll.

  6. It would B nice if that HEART necklace was made out of CANDY!

  7. Becktosai

    This is one of my favorite looks this website has yet to offer<3333
    She had the cutest face!!! =^w^=
    and the knee highs are awesome and would fit my wardrobe completely!
    I happen to love the eyebrows they are intense and i dont think are ment to look like tradtional eyebrows. just sayin, no offense intended at all<3

  8. such a cute girl
    and i´m in LOVE with the outfit

  9. 6%DOKIDOKI staff *never* fail to impress me. I just wish I could be so meticulous with all my accessories. I’ll have to practice more….
    Until then, I may just have to get a pair of those fantastic stockings. ;)

  10. I love yuka so much! Her outfits are always so cute&lovely <3 I love her pretty earring!

  11. Joseph Kellejian

    I want a Mighty Harajuku button! WANNTTTT!

  12. HanaeFayette

    I love her outfit, especially the stockings…but this mannequin in the shop window (first picture) creeps me out. ^^”

  13. This simple bun with all those accessories is the cherry on top to her outfit, makes her look fun and quirky love it!! Her personality shines through!!! <3

  14. Very cute ensemble indeed; she also looks a little like Audrey Hepburn and should go for the Breakfast at Tiffany look for your next shoot!

  15. Remember me feels like Final Fantasy game characters

    i love it <3