A Degree Fahrenheit 2012 S/S Collection

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On Tuesday, October 18th, Japanese label A Degree Fahrenheit showcased their 2012 Spring/Summer collection on the runway at Tokyo Midtown.

TokyoFashion readers may remember A Degree Fahrenheit from our coverage of the 2nd Shinmai Creators Project 2010 A/W, in which the brand was one of four young labels chosen to present at a special JFW event. This time around, A Degree Fahrenheit is presenting during the main JFW event.

Following graduation from Tokyo Mode Gakuen, brand creator Yu Amatsu worked in New York as a patternmaker for Jen Kao and Marc Jacobs. He has twice won the Art International Design Competition.

The A Degree Fahrenheit collection shown at Japan Fashion Week had the theme “116.600000F (47C)” and was inspired by bees. Japanese honeybees are famous for the way in which they fight their natural enemy, the Asian giant hornet. The battling bees form into a “bee ball” which has an internal temperature of 116.6 degrees Fahrenheit. That temperature is enough to cook the hornet to death, but it’s also extremely hazardous to the bees themselves, as an increase in even a single degree within the ball could kill the bees themselves.

The patterns in this dark-pallet collection featured knits (honeycomb) and darts (bee stings) which were inspired by the beauty and power of life as represented by the Japanese honeybees.

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A Degree Fahrenheit 2012 Spring/Summer

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