Ami & Aya of Jouetie on the Street in Harajuku

Here are two stylish and cute young women who fans of Japanese fashion know very well: it’s Ami & Aya! Ami & Aya are twins who rose to fame as models before becoming producers of their own fast-rising fashion brand, Jouetie. We were happy to spot the sisters in Harajuku, and even happier when they agreed to let us snap their photos. We’ve run into Ami & Aya previously. Even though they are super famous models producing their own brand, they have always been really nice!

Aya (on the left) is wearing a military coat with black sleeves from G.V.G.V. over a striped knit dress (or skirt) from Jouetie, black tights, and black leather buckle boots by Dual. Accessories include large tortoise shell glasses, several rings from Serge Thoraval, and a Union Jack bag she picked up in London. Aya told us her favorite brands/shops include Jouetie, k3, dual, and Opening Ceremony. Her favorite band is Radwimps. For more information on Aya, check out the official Ami-Aya blog.

Ami (on the right) is wearing a studded RNA mods coat with a large British flag on the back, leopard print tights, and G.V.G.V. x George Cox boots. Accessories include a Russian-style winter hat, large glasses, and a large studded Givenchy handbag. Ami’s favorite brands/shop include Jouetie, G.V.G.V., and vintage. Her favorite band is Bump of Chicken. For more info on Ami, you can also check out the official Ami-Aya blog.

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If you’d like to see more of Ami & Aya, they hosted the recent Harajuku Kawaii fashion show and are featured in our reports on the event!

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  1. I love her rings! And the coat with the union jack

    so cute~~

  2. Is there a way to buy those Dual boots online? gaaah they look so nice >w<

  3. Both very pretty! And such a cute style too. (: !
    I looked at their online store and I’m already in love. *o* ~ <3

  4. they are so cute n pretty. they are twins right? they looks so alike!