Angelic Harajuku Girl in Pink Grimoire Dress & Rocking Horse Shoes

When we met Miu in Harajuku, she told us that she works as a maid (likely that means she works in a Tokyo maid cafe) and that her age is “forever 17”. She looks sweet and girly in her pastel outfit with oversized accessories.

Miu has a blond hairstyle with bangs and twin tails, and a floral headband. She’s wearing a dress from Grimoire (the center of Dolly Kei fashion in Tokyo) beneath a resale lace cardigan. Her outfit also includes angel tights, lace socks, a pompom necklace, a watch and badges reading “I heart Frank” and “So Angel.” She told us her accessories are partly handmade, with some Vivienne Westwood mixed in. Miu also wears a Nadia cat bag and a pair of rocking horse shoes from Tokyo Bopper.

Her favorite shop is Grimoire and her favorite music is R&B and Anisong (songs from anime). You can find more pics of Miu on her official blog, here.

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  1. That giant pin is ridiculous, I love it! Her seashell tattoo is really lovely, I love simple little pieces like that!

  2. Dreaded Queen

    Haha I have that appliqué that she is wearing as a headband. Cool alternate use! She looks so innocent and lovely. Very pretty girl and outfit .