AvantGarde Harajuku Director w/ World’s Tallest Mohawk

Japanese legwear shop AvantGarde Harajuku is one of the hottest shops in Harajuku right now. Several popular street fashion icons work at the shop (including Juria) and celebs from Japan and around Asia wear AvantGarde tights. The meteoric rise of the brand has been impressive, but the founder of AvantGarde has something else to be proud of as well – his Guinness Book of World Records-certified “World’s Tallest Mohawk”!

This weekend, we spotted Kazuhiro-san on the streets of Harajuku with his super-tall hairstyle in all its glory. We weren’t the only ones who saw him, either. Kazuhiro-san is quite a personality, and he was having fun posing with crowds of amazed onlookers near the AvantGarde boutique.

If you’d like to know more about Kazuhiro-san, you can check out his personal Twitter, the AvantGarde website, or our recent profile of AvantGarde Harajuku. For specifics on his mohawk, check the official Guinness Book of World Records Website!

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    some people do some stupid things but that is cool