Banal Chic Bizarre “Vivid Ranger” – Menswear 2012 S/S

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On Friday, October 21st, Japanese label Banal Chic Bizarre showcased their 2012 Spring/Summer menswear collection on the runway at belle salle SHIBUYA FIRST.

Banal chic bizarre creators Ayano Ichige and Shun Nakagawa were born in 1983. They learned the fashion business not at school, but by designing and selling remade clothes in Tokyo. They officially launched the brand in 2002 with the concept of “eccentricity in simplicity”. They operate retail shops in Tokyo, Nagano, and Osaka under the name ADD as well as selling their work online. In addition, banal chic bizarre publishes a fashion magazine titled “√Root Magazine” [Squareroot Magazine], which is also available at both their brick and mortar and online shops.

Banal chic bizarre is a brand that the TokyoFashion staff has found exceptionally interesting. Their pieces tend to be worn by some of the more daring and creative young people we meet on the street in Harajuku.

“Vivid Ranger” was the theme of the Banal Chic Bizarre menswear 2012 S/S collection shown at Japan Fashion Week. Amateur models with masks over their faces were used in the show. The collection referenced military uniforms, emergency worker dress, and marine themes, among others. A couple of the tops featured a large bear face, which seemed a bit too cute in the context of the other pieces (perhaps a nod toward or against Japanese kawaii culture). The unique footwear also deserves a special mention. Overall, it was a solid streetwear collection from a brand that has proven time and again that they are both from and of the streets of Japan.

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Banal Chic Bizarre 2012 Spring/Summer Menswear

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  1. Uhg, totally would kill for some of the outfits.
    Really like the whole covering of the face thing going on with Banal Chic.

  2. That looks like a ninja mask, awesome, awesome outfits too..