Bearbrick Garden at Parco Shibuya – Huge Toys Invade Tokyo!

Next month, Japanese toy company Medicom celebrates its 15th anniversary with a big exhibition at Parco Shibuya. To get people hyped on the upcoming show, Parco and Medicom have collaborated on the creation of what they call a “Bearbrick Garden” near the entrance to Parco Shibuya. What exactly is a Bearbrick Garden? It’s a space along Shibuya Koen Dori inhabited by huge Japanese toys in candy colors! Bearbricks are made in sizes ranging from tiny, which they call 50%, up to human child-sized, which they call 1000%. So how big are the Bearbrick Garden Bearbricks? 3000%!

Bearbrick Exhibition at Parco Shibuya

Each of the bigger-than-life-sized Bearbricks in the Parco Bearbrick Garden has a message on its base. We photographed each of the figures so that you can see the messages for yourself, but here’s the full list: Enjoy, Fight, Cool, Hope, Wish, Smile, Love, Go!, Happy, Thank You. When we were out at Parco, there were lots of people taking photos with the Bearbricks along with plenty of cute Japanese kids playing near (but not on) them. To appreciate the scale and colorfulness of the figures, you really should check it out for yourself!

Enjoy our Medicom x Parco Shibuya “Bearbrick Garden” pictures and remember that you can click any photo to blow it up to super high resolution.


More info on the Medicom 15th Anniversary coming soon!

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  1. Cutesy plastic bearbricks with embarrassing labels, masquerading as art? Even worse, the slogans seem to be suggesting that this might be intended to encourage the downtrodden Japanese… I feel that artists and even fashionistas should avoid FURTHER advertising disappointing corporate advertisements on their websites. If McDonalds did this would you support them in selling big macs..? Dissapointed. Cute is not enough. Cute is not art.