Blue Hair Falls w/ Flame Print, Panama Boy & Nude Trump in Harajuku

This is Peke, a 21 year old student we recently met in Harajuku. We stopped her for a few snaps and we found out more about what she was wearing.

Her graphic tee is from Panama Boy, and she paired it with a harness from Thank-You Mart and remake Uniqlo pants. Her black and white checkered backpack is from Nude Trump, while the lace-up boots were bought in Marunouchi. We also noticed her Avantgarde Harajuku arm covers featuring flames design, her studded bracelets, Carrera sunglasses, flames headband, blue contacts and blue hair falls.

Peke let us know that Panama Boy in Harajuku is her favorite store and Joyrich is her favorite brand. She also told us she likes the music of Michael Jackson and Monkey Majik, and that she’s online on Twitter and her blog. You can also see Peke’s pictures from earlier this year here.

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  1. love her boyish chic slash anime style plus love how she doesn’t look like the typical stick figures harajuku girls have

  2. Csigalica

    I think her hair is fake, right? Cool outfit i like it!

  3. Awesome circle lenses <3 Not my style overall, but she sure looks very unique!