Blue-Haired 6%DokiDoki Shop Girl Vani

This is Vani, the well-known 6%DokiDoki shop girl who took part in last year’s Harajuku Kawaii Experience. Her blue hair and bold makeup make her very easy to spot when we run into her – quite often these days – on the streets of Harajuku. (Check the photos below for a close-up shot of the back of her hair.) Her blue romper with white stars and her pink top are from 6%DokiDoki. She’s also wearing blue fishnet tights and black leather thigh-high stiletto boots that she bought in Shibuya.

Vani’s accessories, all from 6%DokiDoki, include a necklace with a large 6%DokiDoki button, plastic pearl necklace and bracelet with heart pendants, and a large heart ring. She has several fabric bows in her hair and on her top. Glittery pink nail polish completes her look.

If you’re ever in Tokyo, you might want to stop by 6%DOKIDOKI’s shop in Harajuku and say “Konichiwa!” to Vani in person. You can also check her out on Facebook here.

Blue-Haired 6%DokiDoki Shop Girl

6%DokiDoki accessories

Blue hair & bold makeup

Glam jewelry & nails

Leather stiletto botts from Shibuya

Message in her hair

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  1. Absolutely LOVE her blue hair (as one who’s had blue hair for years myself), as well as the romper, boots and fishnets. Reall dig the shapes in her undercut too!

  2. wow!!! that is soooo cuuteee!!! i wish i had the courage to dress like that!

  3. lupineherion

    I absolutely love her hairstyle and her nails are cute too. I’m a cosmetologist and I always love to get people who want something fun and creative, and its always cool to rock a romper.

  4. I forgot to mention the fun makeup! She has a very beautiful face and the makeup is not overpowering or hiding it. Its done perfectly,I hate when some people want to do fun colorful makeup and its so extreme they look halloweenish or unreconizeable. SORRY IF MY SPELLING SUX!

  5. Her hair is fantastic, the make up is superb, and I love the bows, bows, bows everywhere!!! o(≧▽≦)o

  6. I love how shes just such a spokesperson for DOKIDOKI, she lives and breathes it!!! Even in her undercut!! SO COOL

  7. She looks amazing!
    I will pop in and see her next year if she is still there!!

  8. I freaking love it, Seriously…
    Sassy and sexy in the most colourful way.

  9. Style Invasion

    I’m wondering how much these shop girls are getting paid…

  10. the romper’s just too cute…I WANT IT *___* why do I have to wait so much to return in Tokyo?? ç__ç

  11. She is so cool! I love the entire outfit, my hair is white at the moment, but was blue a few weeks ago! making me want to dye it blue again! xxx

  12. @klaudia harajuku/ganguro/cosplay style has been around since the 90’s .. i guarantee your ppl in london are coping this hugely popular japanese street style.

  13. Bamzzakka

    She’s so pretty… I love her makeup, Romper, and hair! :D

  14. She is totally rocking the v-shaped fringe love it!!! The effect is intense!!

  15. I wonder if her and the japanese guy with the heart design in his hair, tatto, and piercings met. I’m loving her dress and fishnet tights.