Comme Ca Shinjuku Window Sheep

Comme Ca in Shinjuku has updated their main window display. Often, this high profile shop puts things in the window that seem to have little directly to do with the fashion they are selling. However, the new window display does have a couple of fashion items to promote – a jacket and Japanese Mouton Boots (also known as UGG Boots or Shearling Boots in some countries). And what’s the best way to promote boots made of sheep? To add some actual sheep to the display, of course…

Comme Ca Window Display

This is a cool, cute, almost all white, filled with pillows, window display. You really should click on over to Flickr and check out the larger version of the picture to fully appreciate it. This window display was just added sometime in the middle of November 2008, so it should probably be there for a few more weeks at least. More updates on Comme Ca Shinjuku as we notice changes.

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