Comme des Garcons Furry Vest & Trench Coat

This cool guy with asymmetric hair is Macaulay, who we’ve written about in the past. He’s wearing his long furry vest from Comme des Garcons again, but this time it’s over a short trench coat. He’s also wearing black pants and bright blue sneakers from CDG, which is his favorite brand.

Macaulay’s accessories include a tri-color leather clutch and 3 Fashion’s Night Out pins from Comme des Garcons.
Comme des Garcons Furry Vest Over Trench Coat

Trench coat with vest

Tri-color leather clutch

Fashion's Night Out pins

Comme des Garcons sneakers

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  1. Lol the guys who appear in here get no love at all…

  2. he has a cute face & love his hair. his style is so funky.

  3. I love men with a clutch.

    I like better the trench coat, I wish I could see it better :S

  4. hey, i just saw his other look…same fury coat too…hmm…in this combination a bit…so so

  5. he look really good but i didnt like the shoes .. men with beard r the best

  6. Northerline

    Why is his beard so soft-looking? All men with beard I have seen have really stiff beard.