Courtney Love x Hysteric Glamour Dresses

Posted on 27 Oct. 2009

The Hysteric Glamour x Courtney Love collection was released a little while ago, but Nylon Magazine posted some video featuring one of the dresses this week. The video features Nylon editor Marvin Scott Jarrett talking about – and photographing – a model wearing one of the Courtney Love x Hysteric Glamour baby doll dresses. Check it…

The thing that looks a little crazy about the dress in the video is that it doesn’t look like something just designed by Courtney – as in something she would wear – but rather it appears to have her picture and name all over the dress. Is this something that people who are into Courtney Love are going to wear – a dress with her face on it? Not sure about that. It’s also interesting that Nylon’s editor never mentions Nirvana as one of the bands that Hysteric Glamour has collaborated with, instead choosing The Ramones and The Stooges. Hello?

Hysteric Glamour x Courtney Love

What do you think – is this collection going to fly?

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  1. I think it’s great. People so rarely create impressive or fresh fashion anymore. It’s nice to see someone branching out and creating something that’s fantastic but not so ridiculous or gaudy that you can’t wear it on a normal day.

  2. I think this will do well cuz the whole grunge look is in right now.