Cows on Center Street in Shibuya

Posted on 14 Oct. 2009

Walking in Shibuya today, we were surprised to see a bunch of cows running wild on Center Street. Well, maybe not exactly cows – more like Japanese guys dressed in cow costumes. You see a lot of things on Center Street, but cows are not usually on that long list. The guys in costume were very friendly and agreed to pose for a few photos for us. One of the cows told us that the costumes had something to do with a (student?) project they were working on. Enjoy the pics.

Cow Costumes in Shibuya

Japanese Gangsta Cows

Japanese Guys in Cow Costumes

Click any photo to see even bigger cows.

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  1. Poetess X

    Wooooooow!!! This has to be the most randomly insane thing I’ve seen before, dealing with Center Street!!! I swear, it’s gotta be the cutest thing ever, though! SMH A bunch of boys cow suits in hardcore poses! Mmm mmm mmm ONLY IN JAPAN!!! =)