Crop Top & Peplum Pants w/ Alice Black & Bubbles Harajuku Accessories

Hikari is a stylish Nadia Harajuku staffer we met on the streets of Harajuku, wearing a black and white look. We’ve taken her picture before, which is why she may look familiar.

Hikari is wearing a striped crop top with peplum pants and a “zero” beanie. She accessorized with a peace sign necklace, rings from Alice Black and Bubbles, a studded leather bracelet, and a Marc Jacobs watch. She is also wearing pink glitter nail polish, piercings in her ears and belly button, and Nadia Harajuku creepers.

Hikari told us that her favorite shop is Nadia, and that she’s active on Twitter.


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    I have the same watch haha~ Really great shot! c:

  2. Sexy & hip. Not everyone could wear those pants and still look sleek!

  3. ♥♥♥Wow♥♥♥, her outfit is absolutely gorgeous and neat. ♥♥♥It looks like every piece was carefully chosen. ♥♥♥

  4. Amen to what Aky said. Everything is so meticulously put together. She is a super model.

  5. Sarahbanana

    She’s so pretty! I love her face ^^
    I also especially like her rings. The whole outfit is very good. Everything fits :)