Day Break Harajuku Street Style Japanese Guy

This 22-year-old Japanese guy told us that his name is 10Mo8 (prounounced TO-MO-YA) when we photographed him in Harajuku. He works at the Japanese resale clothing shop Kinji, which has a shop in Harajuku not too far from where these pictures were taken.

His awesome outfit and hairstyle gives me the vibe of a villain in a futuristic science fiction Western movie. (Maybe it’s the black hat?) He told us that most of the items he’s wearing were purchased at the Harajuku select shop Day Break. The outfit consists of a black fedora, black fuzzy sweater, black wide leg pants, black shoes, and a (very cool) large black leather handbag. The kicker, though, is his patterned wrap (or tunic, or skirt?) with a red handprint on it and some cables running away from the hand. Where the other end of the cables lead to, we may never know…

When we asked him about his interests, he told us that his favorite place to shop for fashion in Tokyo is Day Break Harajuku, and that his favorite bands are AcidMan and Hawaiian6.

Japanese Guy's Street Fashion

Japanese Guy in Hat & Sweater

Black Hat Fashion in Harajuku

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  1. I love his fuzzy sweater it looks warm and cozy! =) I wonder if it comes in a neon pink color….=)

  2. He has a very striking profile and a laid back spirit which enables him to dress this way and pull it off. However, the purse kills any chance of me liking this outfit. I like most of the components, just not in this combination.

  3. nana-chan

    I totally like this outfit but it makes me think
    do all japanese guys like dressing like this
    i mean it is cool if they do, i just find it a bit strange…lol

  4. my favourite type of Japanese man’s face!!! Kakkoi!!!!!!!!!
    god, amazing! :)
    change your style darling, onegai shimasu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. if he was going to wear a baggy bottom, he should have worn a tight top. A black or white tank would have done the trick. He looks so sexy but that fuzzy sweater has to go xD

  6. I agree with Adonis, he looks as the Samurai. Cute hat!