Don’t Smile So Much. It Makes You Stupid – T-Shirt

Posted on 17 Aug. 2009
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Today, Tokyo Fashion is launching a new feature which we’re calling “Japanese T-Shirt of the Week”. The idea is that each week we’ll share with you a Japanese t-shirt that has caught our attention – either because it’s cool, funny, unbelievable, or any combination of the above. When possible, we’ll even try to give you a link to where you can buy the shirts. In reality, the odds of us actually updating this feature every week are pretty low, but we figured why not be optimistic? :-)

Our first “Japanese T-Shirt of the Week” is one that caught our eye at Summer Sonic last weekend in Tokyo. An enthusiastic Japanese girl near us was dancing to the music of the French band Phoenix. She was wearing a cute t-shirt with ice cream cones and cake on the front…

Ice Cream Cones T-Shirt

Pretty typical cute Japanese t-shirt, right? You’d think so, but not really! As this cute girl danced around to Phoenix, she spun around and we got a glimpse of the back of her shirt…

Dont Smile So Much It Makes You Stupid

On the back of the shirt it says in HUGE text, “Don’t Smile So Much. It Makes You Stupid. What’s that about? What designer thought that an image of cute sweets on the front, and a mean message like that on that back, was a good idea? Then again, we thought it was pretty cute, especially when worn by a smiling, happy, dancing Japanese girl.

We did some research after getting home from Summer Sonic and the shirt is produced by the popular Japanese girl’s clothing brand RNA. In case black isn’t your color, the shirt comes in yellow, white, and even pink.

Cute Japanese T-Shirts

The only place online that we could find where you can buy this t-shirt is at a Japanese clothing shop called Born Free. The price is about US$35 and it’s only available in Japanese size M.

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  1. I love this shirt will someone tell me how to purchase it please!

  2. tokyo

    We don’t officially endorse any one purchasing service, but there are bunch of companies that can help people outside of Japan – those who do not speak Japanese – buy anything you want from Japanese shops. A few examples are FDJP, Japan Auction Center, and Rinkya. You just contact those companies (or others like them) through their websites, and they will – for a fee – buy anything you want in Japan and ship it to your address anywhere in the world. Good luck!