Engineered Garments Fall/Winter 2008

The Electro Plankton blog has an item on the Fall/Winter collection from Japanese/NY brand Engineered Garments, along with pictures of some of the pieces in the collection.

Engineered Garments is an interesting brand because the designer, Daiki Suzuki, is Japanese, but the brand looks more Mid-Atlantic than East Asia, and proudly proclaims New York as its home.

Engineered Garments 2008

The fall winter EG collection mixes ultra-blue collar American style taken from the fashion of “working man” industries like steel, railway, coal, and mining, and mixes those elements with a Japanese attention to fine details. The entire concept of the brand (like many other popular J-brands) is a remixing, or re-imagining, of American fashion by a distinctly Japanese designer.

You can check out more at the official brand website or at the blog linked above.

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