Forever 21 Shibuya Grand Opening

Forever 21 has been expanding in Japan ever since last year’s opening of their first Tokyo location in Harajuku. Their newest store is the massive Forever 21 Shibuya, located in the old HMV building. Forever 21 Shibuya held its grand opening on December 23rd, just in time for Christmas shopping. At six stories tall, Forever 21 Shibuya immediately takes the title of the biggest Forever 21 store in all of Asia.

Forever 21 Shibuya

With over 4,200 square meters of floor space and six floors, Forever 21 Shibuya will stock almost everything for which the fast fashion brand is known. Floors 1-4 are all womenswear – including denim and the Love21 collection. On Floor 5 you’ll find menswear, accessories, and kids clothing. The sixth floor is set aside for shoes and lingerie.

For the grand opening celebration on the 23rd, the Forever 21 Shibuya shop staff dressed in cute Christmas outfits and gave away gifts and prizes to excited shoppers. There was also a special live performance by popular JPop singer Kana Nishino for a select group of Forever 21 opening day visitors. Here are pictures of the new store so that you can see how big it is. You can click any photo to enlarge it!

Forever 21 Shibuya Info:

  • What: Forever 21 Shibuya
  • Where: The old HMV Shibuya location, a couple of minutes walk from Shibuya Station
  • Address: 24-1 Udagawa-cho Shibuya-ku Tokyo, Japan
  • Hours: 10:00-22:00
  • Phone: 03-3463-4750
  • Map: Forever 21 Shibuya Map
  • Website: Official Website (Japanese)

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  1. ..I’ve seen by twitter all informations about this big shop in Asia..
    When I in Asia, I will be going by, at the Forever 21 Shibuya.
    It seems a wonderful place to visit and to make some purchases…

  2. Abiabigail

    Forever 21 near my hometown have not clothes as much as here. Amazing!

  3. That’s a huge building! And I thought the ones in my area were huge. As amazing as it is, I think I prefer having smaller ones, because I’d never finish looking if the ones that I go to were as big as that.

  4. dillmockingbird

    six floors of nothing but fancy dresses from F21. Dunno if that’s good or bad. XD

  5. Forever21 is really great – have to stop there on my next trip to Japan – love the stores in the USA – but Japan and Shibuya is something special


    Tanja van Staal

  6. Im going to Japan this March on a school trip!

    I reallly wanna go there!!

  7. I would get lost in there, and would never be able to leave either. Seriously, it must take hours to finish that store.

  8. If I was in Tokyo I would like 2 go 2 that forever 21 store. I go 2 the forever 21 in the mall in Annapolis.