Forever 21 Shinjuku Grand Opening

Today, Saturday, May 29, 2010, the new Forever 21 store in the Shinjuku area of Tokyo will hold its grand opening. Last night, before the “official opening”, the store hosted a special “Pre-Opening Party” event where fans of the brand were invited – along with Japanese celebrities – to do a bit of early shopping. Plenty of Tokyo girls showed up ready to buy, buy, buy. Smiling shoppers clutching the famous yellow Forever 21 shopping bags could be seen flooding out of the store and into the streets of Shinjuku.

Forever 21 Shinjuku

The new Forever 21 Shinjuku store is located on the corner of Meiji Dori, where In The Room (the Marui interior design store) used to be. The store occupies floors 1-3 plus one basement floor. The location is centrally located between the various Marui department stores and Isetan on the East side of Shinjuku Station. It becomes an instant presence in one of the most visited shopping areas of Tokyo – if not one of the most visited shopping areas on the planet!

Forever 21 Shinjuku

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Here’s all the info on the new Japanese Forever 21 store:

  • What: Forever 21 Shinjuku
  • Where: Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan
  • Address: 3-1-13 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan
  • Train Station: Shinjuku Station (South Exit) or Shinjuku Sanchome Station
  • Phone: 03-5269-810
  • Hours: 10:00-21:00 (open until 10pm on Friday/Saturday)
  • Map: Forever 21 Shinjuku Map
  • Official Website: Forever 21 (Japanese)

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  1. I think they are building too many new Forever 21s, thus causing the store to seem less “special”. I think some people may have enjoyed traveling all the way to Harajuku. :/

  2. I was kind of thinking the same way. Japan is a small series of islands. Why would you open another HUGE Forever 21 there? It feels like it would bring down the hype of F21.

  3. I think Japanese clothing is expensive because of the quality. Once Japanese people notice the not so good quality of F21 clothes, I don’t think they’ll be much interested.

    F21 clothing is cheap so it will bring in a lot of people who can’t afford the larger brand names but also cheap quality, but because it’s a fashion district, maybe people don’t care about how long it lasts?

    Or maybe F21 would do great because maybe a lot of Japanese people are into American Casual style?

  4. It was interesting for opening days and it gained a lot of attention because Japanese people like new things. Here in Tokyo is a huge stage for new brands and fashion trends, but at the same time it is like pop stage of one season star. F-21 is really cheap ( unfortunately also cheap quality) it got attention but want last longer than one season. Such “special” brands are being born in Tokyo on monthly basis. Myself I don`t see anything special about it ( I am Japanese ) especially the quality is very low.

  5. ispeakasianese

    what in the…
    another one?
    f21 does well in america because of the quantity and cheap pricing
    but in japan where eccentricity and uniqueness is essential to fashion
    im sure another f21 was the wisest decision……
    as an avid shopper and a regular in tokyo… /: im a bit iffy

  6. You say there are too many Forver21 stores now (two), yet their is a Louis Vuitton on every corner.

  7. I live in Japan, and have found that contrary to popular opinion, a lot of stuff is cheap and falls apart quickly. The thing is that Shopping is the main hobby of people here, and if anything is gaining popularity in LA or New York, they want it here, and will pay a pretty penny for it. Forever 21 stands to make a crapload of money here in Tokyo, people spend cash like water, and fashion is very important to those with any money. If something is “in” people will come from miles around to get it, and line up, and pay through the teeth. So I think any store that can open up in a prestigious area of tokyo and get the attention of the public is doing pretty darn good.

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