Fukubukuro / Lucky Bags – Shibuya 109 & Shibuya Shop Pictures 2013

It’s the start of a new year. This means many things to many people, but to those of us in Tokyo it means one thing above all else – Fukubukuro! In the Japanese Fukubukuro (literally “lucky bag”) tradition, the first few days of the new year are a time when you can buy all sorts of goods for much much cheaper than their retail value. The catch? You have no idea what you’re buying. Does that matter to most people? No way – it’s cheap and it’s fun. Let the shopping begin! This year, our coverage begins in Shibuya – during the early hours of Shibuya 109’s famous Fukubukuro madness!

Shibuya 109 Fukubukuro

For those of you new to the Fukubukuro phenomenon, here’s a quick introduction. Shops assemble bags (known by many names – happy bag, lucky bag, mystery bag, etc.) filled with random items, usually (but not always) from their winter stock. These bags are then put on display and sold at ridiculously marked down prices. For example, you might get US$500 or more worth of goodies for US$100. Again, the trick is that you have no idea which items are actually in the bag. You have to trust that you love the shop or brand you’re buying from enough that you’ll end up with goods you like. So, the customer gets an amazing deal and the shop gets to clear inventory in preparation for next season. Everyone wins!

The super deals, limited quantities (some shops just create 100 bags or less for thousands of potential customers), and fun of lucky bags drives people to line up for hours before shops open. LaForet Harajuku and Shibuya 109 usually have the longest lines – with many thousands of young women and men queuing through the night in anticipation.

In recent years, there has been a bit of Fukubukuro evolution. More and more shops are producing exclusive items just for their Fukubukuro, as limited items increases the bags’ demand. Some shops now tell you exactly what’s in the bags (boring!). Most shops let you know the sizes of the items in the bag (so you don’t end up with an XXS if you’re an XL). In addition, many brands and stores have become more creative with the shape that their Fukubukuro take. Rather than just bags, you’ll see buckets, boxes, purses, backpacks, rolling luggage, and anything else that can be filled with goodies being used as Fukubukuro.

Shibuya 109-2 Lucky Bags

One of the big questions about lucky bags is: what do you do with all of the items you don’t want? The answer: trade them for something you do want! In the early hours of January 2nd, a bustling swap meet springs up in front of the famous Shibuya 109 department store in Tokyo. The area around the entrance to 109 is packed with Japanese girls ripping open their Fukubukuro and waving items from their bags that they don’t want above their heads. When another shopper sees something she wants being waved about, she approaches with something she doesn’t want and the trading begins.

When we arrived at Shibuya 109 before 9am this year, the fun had already begun. As we’ve done in past years, we brought back dozens of pictures – of lucky bags, shops, crowds, lines, and the impromptu Shibuya 109 swap meet – to share with you! This is a shopping event everyone should experience for themselves at least once. We hope you’ll enjoy the pictures. Happy New Year, everyone! Also, don’t miss our Harajuku Fukubukuro pics (with LaForet, Takeshita Dori, Cat Street and more).

Shibuya Fukubukuro 2013

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  1. too cool. wish i could experience this in person.

  2. shibbygem

    Sooooo fun. I’m sad though I was actually supposed to have been over there now, but we had to cancel. I especially wanted to go for the fukubukuro :(

  3. Starlight

    I want to experience this sooo badddddd!
    And everyone just looks so pretty, ah!

  4. Ahhh D.i.a. lucky bags <3 seems brown is a popular color this season? also in some pics the police men look like they actually enjoy the commotion too hehe ^^ wish i was there :)!

  5. Wondering what the brand names are….for the plushie bird bag and the black circle with happy face on it.

    One day i will go to Japan and will be attending the fukubukuro madness!!!

    Japanese people always get the good stuff…Wish it was like this in the states too….T^T

  6. I wish they could do something like this in the US, because I’m seriously jealous right now.

  7. Tragic Angel

    Yay!!!!! Thank you, I’ve been eagerly waiting and looking. Always missed out on this and will never return. Seeing the madness, in pix at least gives me vicarious feeling while looking.

    Enjoy this so very very much.

  8. this looks like so much!! i wish i could be there!!

  9. This is an interesting promotions.

    Thank you for sharing the photos.

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  11. Tragic Angel

    hmmmm,,, the round black smiley x eyed bag looks like something from WORLD WIDE LOVE! bur it says Happy! GLAVL, which I cannot find anything for.

    As for the plushy bird bag, i am still perusing. Yes, it would be super if there were the names of bags with the photos :)

  12. Tragic Angel

    btw, LDS did a moku moku teddy bear bag ! curious if maybe they also did the bird?

  13. Tragic Angel

    Allow me to be a pest on 4F of 109 there is a Glavil shop so maybe the black round face bag is from there. As for the birdie,, so far, can’t find out although I am still thinking LDS?

    Oh the pics, fond memories and how even on the cheap, how quickly the funds can go and in one location @o@! Too much good stuff all over. can’t get enough of it either ‘.~

  14. Christine

    Excellent ! I want to live in Japan ! Very good idea for french boutiques ….