Harajuku Fukubukuro Pictures 2013 – LaForet, Takeshita Dori, Cat Street & More

New Year’s Day is Fukubukuro sales time in Tokyo. That means shopping districts around the city are packed with people hoping for a chance to score a lucky bag from their favorite brand or store. From the glitz of Ginza and Marunouchi to the hipsters of Shimokitazawa and Koenji to the friendly old folks in Sugamo, Fukubukuro fever is everywhere. But there is one neighborhood with the Fukubukuro most coveted by fashionable young people throughout all of Japan. That place can only be… HARAJUKU!

Kicking off at LaForet at a painfully early 9am on New Year’s Day (we grabbed one hour of sleep between posting our New Year’s Eve video and heading out for Fukubukuro pics), the Fukubukuro sales in Harajuku go on for three or four days. However, the hottest bags are sold out within hours of stores opening on the first day. This means long lines form in front of shops all over Harajuku. And when the doors do open, watch out!

Following our earlier report on Shibuya Fukubukuro, we are happy to share with you the high-energy fun of Harajuku’s New Year’s sales! In addition to countless lucky bags, many stores kick off massive sales where prices are slashed by over 80% on selected items. In our hunt for Harajuku Fukubukuro pictures, we hit the early morning LaForet lines, Takeshita Dori, Cat Street, Meiji Dori, and plenty of small side streets. The only way to truly experience Fukubukuro properly is in person, so please make sure you’re in Harajuku next January 1st at 9am sharp! See you there next year. Happy New Year, everyone!

Harajuku Fukubukuro 2013

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  1. Tragic Angel

    biiiiiig grin. i love this so much. Say what you will but nothing beats shopping in Japan, not only Tokyo, but Japan, Love love love.

    Thank you so much.

  2. Ukio Mind

    OMG! I wish i could be thereeee and had money :(. What a pity

  3. How I wish I could go:( all does sales going on!! I would go crazy

  4. I don’t like crowds, but I wish I could experience it myself! One day…
    Luckily my friend was there recently and she graciously picked a few bags up for me ;w;

  5. Aqilah Tomomi

    I’m so jealous of ’em…(=3=) I wish I was there n go home with a whole hand!!! >3<

  6. I always find these promotions fascinating. ^___^

  7. MY GOSH! I need to Have a New Years In Japan so I can Go SHOPPING! :) Wow.. So many SALES! :) THANK YOU & THANK YOU! For all the photos! :)

  8. Aww,they look amazing.
    I want to buy it all (including the Japanese people wearing these cool clothes) :P :>

  9. RainbowYoshix3

    oh my gosh i wanna be able to go there! if i was there i would have spent like
    $10,000.00 in US money :P

  10. I just wish to go shopping in Tokyo Japan, and I love to shop in Tokyo Japan. If only they have hello kitty store for me to shop. And it’s my favorite store of my life. That would be awesome to shop in the hello kitty store in Tokyo Japan.