Here’s Gero, a super colorfully dressed 16-year-old Japanese student who has been a longtime Harajuku Fashion Walk and Pop N Cute participant. Even though Gero is pretty young, she has already become a recognizable face of decora fashion on the streets of Harajuku.

Gero is wearing a fish-print vest over a tie-dye top (both from Thank You Mart), colorful handmade undersea-print pants which she handmade, and pink high heel sneakers. Accessories – some of which she made herself and others of which were gifts – include a rainbow cap, sunglasses, a rainbow coil bracelet, a pink spiked bracelet, and a “Greatful Dead Bear” wallet.

Gero’s favorite place to buy fashion is the famous Harajuku resale shop Panama Boy. She enjoys listening to the music of Lady Gaga. If you’d like to know more about Gero, check her out on Twitter.

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  1. That’s quite an interesting look! I love her hair and make