Harajuku Summer Fashion Snaps at Pop N Cute #3 – 50+ Pictures!

The Summer 2012 “Pop n Cute” party produced by Harajuku Fashion Walk took place in mid-August. We’ve already posted our full Pop N Cute #3 report – complete with video and over 150 pictures. Now it’s time to take a closer look at the colorful and kawaii fashion that Pop N Cute partygoers were wearing!

Pop N Cute #3 had a summer fashion theme. Partygoers wearing yukata even got a discount off the entry price. While there were several cute yukata on display, the majority of the crowd went with bright summer colors and fun accessories (quote a lot of decora this time) – as you might expect at a party for-and-by the Harajuku Kids. We saw quite a few new faces at this Pop N Cute – along with familiar ones including artist-model Kurebayashi, Kumamiki, Junnyan, Choco, Itaru Missile, Ribbon, Iku (from Viva Cute Candy), Christinasaurus & many more. Enjoy our snaps from Pop N Cute and hope to see you at the next one in person!

Pop N Cute Summer 2012 Party Snaps

Click any of the Pop N Cute Summer 2012 street snaps to enlarge them!

We’d like to send out a big “Thank You” to all of the Pop N Cute attendees who posed for our fashion snaps. If you’d like to find out more about Pop N Cute or Harajuku Fashion Walk, check out their official website or Twitter!


Photos by Kira.

About the photographers:
Born in Japan, educated in Japan and the US, Kira shoots exclusively with Canon DSLRs. Photography assignments include fashion, bands, sporting events, and portraiture for various companies and bands throughout Japan & the world. His portfolio can be viewed at Artist-Photo.

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  1. I love there style. It’s crazy how many patterns they can fit in one outfit. XD The goth guy and the rockabilly guy are pretty cool. The blue and pink kimono, the red lace and the purple princess girls are super cute. <3 Love your site soooo much. ;)

  2. did kumamiki lose weight??
    i liked her more before :S

  3. One of
    the girls has hair like Lightning from Final Fantasy 13!! SO FREAKING COOL

  4. Amazed on how they combined all the colors, patterns and everything. They have their own style and express it thru fashion. すごい!すごい!

  5. now this is what I call extreme – good to see c;
    but relly, Kumamiki is so [extremely] pretty ;_; lovely!

  6. Dreaded Queen

    Colorful and cool pics. Looks like a circus explosion. Love Kumamikis jumper too!!

  7. Wow some extreme clothing.
    oh my one girl has cuts all over her arm.

  8. Whoaaaaa! :D
    I think I’ve gone crazy with so many colours and amazing fashion styles! *O*
    Decora explosion!!! *___*

  9. Hara-Lover

    I just love Harajuku style. You can never say the word “I have nothing to wear” in Tokyo. Just wear some super extra colorful outfits and crazy I-don’t-care-what-people-say-accessories, and POOF! You’re done!

  10. ゆきゆき

    I love the hot pink and black outfit with the tattoo ( ´ ▽ ` ) Also I love the purple, black, and green outfit Lastly I love the pink outfit with the vest and pencil skirt