Pop N Cute #3 – Summer-themed Harajuku Fashion Party Pictures & Video

Tokyo’s hot humid summer weather can be brutal. The Harajuku Fashion Walk crew decided that the best way to escape the heat was to throw a big summer-themed party inside of a nice cool air conditioned club. The party, held this last weekend in Tokyo, was the Summer 2012 edition of Pop N Cute. Like the previous Pop N Cute parties (Pop N Cute #1 & Pop N Cute #2), this one featured lots of cute Harajuku fashion, live music, dancing, DJs, art, sweets, pop up shops, and more!

Harajuku Fashion Party Pop N Cute #3 (120)

The lineup for the Summer 2012 Pop N Cute party included: Hyper Core Fashion Show, Super Lovers Fashion Show, Harajuku Fashion Walk Fashion Show, Live painting by Haruka Kurebayashi (Kera Magazine, etc.), Kimono Styling Show by Kumamiki (Party Baby), Live painting by Machico, Live painting by Karin, DJ Choco (Panama Boy), Dancing by Shakey, Live Music by Broken Doll Ken & Sweets by Kunika.

Once again, we were lucky enough to score an invite to the party, and we brought back lots of pictures and video to share with you!

Pop N Cute Summer 2012 by Harajuku Fashion Walk Video

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Pop N Cute Summer Party Pictures

Click on any of the Pop N Cute party pics to enlarge them!

As always, we send our thanks to the entire Harajuku Fashion Walk and Pop N Cute crew, as well as all of the summer 2012 attendees. We appreciate everybody posing for our pictures and video and look forward to seeing everyone again soon!

Check back soon for the second part of our Pop N Cute summer party coverage with fashion snaps of the attendees!

For more information on the Pop N Cute, check the following links:


Photos by Kira. Video by Kaila.

About the photographer:
Born in Japan, educated in Japan and the US, Kira shoots exclusively with Canon DSLRs. Photography assignments include fashion, bands, sporting events, and portraiture for various companies and bands throughout Japan & the world. His portfolio can be viewed at Artist-Photo.

About the filmmaker:
Kaila is a graduate of Bunka Fashion College’s sister school — Bunka Institute of Language. She loves taking photographs, getting lost in her own world and discovering new places with her fisheye, making accessories out of boredom and blogging whatever goes in her Japan life.

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  1. Great evening ! But I didn’t understood why me and my friends had to pay 2,800yen for the entrance. Because we were foreigners ?

  2. tokyo

    @Mnon – Hi! I guess we probably snapped you – those will be up next! :-)
    As far as the entrance fee, it was 2,300 yen or 1800 yen if you dressed in a yukata. But, as is often the case in Japan, even at major shows (for example at Zepp Tokyo), they charge an additional 500 yen for a drink ticket (which you can use to get a free drink once inside). I guess that must be something the club requires to get extra money or something. You can see the original price of Pop N Cute here: http://ameblo.jp/harajuku-fashionwalk/entry-11322847600.html And here’s the Zepp info, just to show you want I meant about big shows doing it too: http://shattered-tranquility.net/index.php/12/07/zepp-tokyo/
    The Harajuku Fashion Walk kids love people from other countries, so I’m sure they would like to charge less if they could! :-)

  3. Oh okay, it makes way more sense to me now, I also thought very odd that they would overpriced us without any reasons. Thank you for clearified that !

  4. My dream is to attend one of those parties sometime! <3
    Amazing pictures, it looks like so much fun!!

  5. Hi there,

    I will be moving to Tokyo in a couple of weeks to study at university and I was wondering how I would find out about events like these. Is there an official mailing list or is it just a case of being in the right place at the right time to be given a flyer?

    Thanks a lot!

  6. Hi! I’m an avid follower of your blog and Wow that is an awesome event – is there an online event site that features the latest happenings for Harajuku fashion scene?

  7. @Mnon, welcome to the world of japanese nightlife :) That just how it is wherever you go. I onace went to a club taht charged 4,000 yen entrance. That’s like $50 aud… or US.. however you wanna look at it. If you are in japan for long periods of time you get used to it.

    Japan has way higher salary rates, so if you live there, it doesn’t really matter. It all works out in the long run.

  8. Oh God! How do I love you!Love U all!!! Love as a nation,love how the most creative and positive people on the planet! How did I miss the colors, smiles and positive! I’m from Russia … I. .. Here wildly boring and dull! continue to make people smile! \^O^/