Girl’s Derby, Two-Tone Tights & Toggle Coat from Bulle de Savon

Nanami is a 26-year-old apparel worker. She’s taken a cute outfit to the next level with tights with one striped leg and one solid leg. She’s also wearing a bright blue hooded coat with toggles from bulle de savon and a short denim skirt from American Apparel. Her black platforms shoes are from Tokyo Bopper.

Accessories from Vivienne Westwood, Gucci and I am I include a derby hat, a mustache ring, a silver ring and a gold ring. Her crossbody bag is from RNA.

Nanami told us that her favorite fashion source is I am I and her favorite music is by Maximum the Hormone.

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  1. I love the blue jacket. But the two tone tights… I just… I can’t…

  2. Blue, black and white – so well-mathed and what cute coat!

  3. The tights really make this outfit special :) Also, I want her hat!!
    One thing I wonder though is how a 26 y/o woman can afford stuff from Gucci & co. I’ve recently been to a designer store and the cheapest item they had was a bracelet for over 30 euros. And I would never spend that much money on a simple bracelet.
    She’s an apparel worker.. do they really earn that much in Japan, or are her parents just filthy rich? …

  4. In Japan wearing designer stuffs is quite “normal” around women. (once I’ve read that in Tokyo 95% of adult women have a Louis Vuitton bag…) I think most of them buy these stuffs at outlets or resale shops where they are cheaper. But if I think of myself I wouldn’t regret much money for e.g. a Vivienne Westwood ring xD

  5. I like her jacket a lot, color and style look very good together, also the hat and mustache ring. Mustache!! ^^

  6. she is soo cool! great outfit, plus maximum the hormone!! she is awesome i would want to be her friend :P