Girl’s Fox Fur Stole, BCB / ADD Jacket, American Apparel Skirt & Alice Black Ring

Yuikobu is a 22-year-old beautician that we met in Harajuku. Her outfit includes a zippered denim jacket with pink cuffs from Banal Chic Bizarre / A.D.D. over a short cotton skirt from American Apparel. She’s also wearing white tights, ankle socks with gingham ruffles and white platform sneakers with lime green laces, also from Banal Chic Bizarre.

Accessories include a fox fur stole, a silver skull ring from Alice Black (we featured an Alice Black designer recently) and several ear studs and earrings from Kila and other shops.

Yuikobu’s eye-catching tapestry backpack is also from Banal Chic Bizarre / A.D.D. She told us her favorite places to shop are BCB and American Apparel and that her favorite type of music is reggae.

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  1. very cool like her lashes n tt yakuza bag especially.

  2. If she had different socks, shoelaces, and jacket….I would be all over that! :DD ~ and LOVE the fox stool btw, the eyes are a little creepy though…lol

  3. Don’t know if its a real fox fur scarf, but still I would hate it. I like the backpack a lot though..

  4. Love her outfit! Then, POP! Her shoes they are so awesome, chunky, they stick out so well! I love them♥ The socks, shoes and laces all look so well together♥

  5. does it even look like a real fox to u guys lol i mean look at its head, it’s so convincing that it’s a real fox!!!! u guys made me laugh so hard