Alice Black Designer’s Purple Hair, Hiro Parka & Cool Alice Black Jewelry

This is Norimi, the hard-to-miss designer for the Japanese accessory brand Alice Black. We’ve street snapped Norimi several times in the past. We’ve also profiled the Alice Black brand. When we met him on this day we first noticed his striking purple hair and stylish round sunglasses. He was wearing a Hiro parka with fur and studded leather sleeves and distressed jeans from Ksubi. His red shoes are from George Cox and his black leather studded bag is from Vinti Andrews.

Norimi’s accessories from Alice Black include a necklace with a lock, a dripping cross earring along with three hoop earrings, an ear clip and several eye-catching silver rings. Other accessories include a variety of art-inspired buttons and a fur tail hanging from his bag.

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  1. hikarinohana

    cool, I love his style! remains me kmax┬┤s style
    the color hair WOW

  2. he’s really pretty, he doesn’t look really typical Japanese…
    And his style is completely stunning!
    This is something you would most likely never see in europe… especially the purple hair…

  3. I wouldn’t have that fox tail. Anyway nice balance. A bit too serious about coordination. However he looks really good. Cheers!

  4. daniel_nyappy

    he’s really awesome ! i love details, the bag and the shoes too ! great style !

  5. I love his style, and one detail I really like is the shoulders and the crocheted pin back button. COOL!

  6. londonblondie

    he’s alway seems to look amazing, his manner is so cool!!!xx

  7. I hate the fur accessories…(poor animals…) But really like the ‘Lets roll’ pin

  8. I loooooove how stylish he is! So a radical dude!! I wish I could meet him, he must be awesome! I love his parka, it’s such a cool bummy style, then vamped up with awesome pins his taste is so cool. Ahhhhh~