Gothic Harajuku Style w/ Hangry & Angry, h.NAOTO & Spider Web Tights

Ruru is a super friendly 18-year-old Harajuku girl with a gothic sense of style who we’ve snapped several times before (back in August and September).

Ruru is wearing a matching t-shirt and hoodie from Hangry & Angry, both with creepy and cute prints. Her black skirt is from h.NAOTO, and so is her backpack. She bought her chunky heeled loafers in Harajuku, and paired them with white, spider web print tights. She also carried a rabbit-shaped bag, with zippers and chains. Her bird cage necklace is BPN and her matching choker and bracelet (which look like Frankenstein scars) are from Spider Rock Web.

We wanted to know Ruru’s favorite fashion brand and she told us it’s h.NAOTO. Her music taste varies from rock to classic to jazz, with Acid Black Cherry as a reference. Find her blog here. You can also follow her on Twitter (where she posts pictures from Harajuku).

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  1. I love her whole outfit and style.
    Her make up is really original too, but I wouldn’t wear it everyday.

  2. Haha, her hair is like mine.. :D (minus the red)
    Love the bag and her necklace.

  3. i love how she wore the stitch bracelet.. why didnt i thought of that? She is brilliant!

  4. luka megurine


  5. LED Ghosty

    Omg this is so awesome!! (^w^) I love the shirt and the bags she has! I want them so bad (;__;)

  6. She is adorable! I love her backpack and all accessories! Her clothes are amazing! Everything is perfect! Stunning young lady!