Kyouka’s Gothic Harajuku Style w/ Dark Red Rum & h.NAOTO

Here’s Kyouka, who we see often around Harajuku, and someone whose dark gothic style definitely stands out of the crowd. You may remember him as a member of the Harajuku Fashion Walk crew.

Kyouka is wearing a beautiful long hooded jacket/outfit from DARK RED RUM (an h.Naoto brand) with Yosuke platform shoes. Accessories include an h.Naoto leather choker, a vial necklace, and a bag from h.Naoto.

As far as music, Kyouka is a big fan of Malice Mizer. For more information on Kyouka, check out his personal Twitter.

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  1. I have to say that although his style doesn’t bother me, only ever being able to see one eye does! I don’t like hair in da face.

  2. he looks sooooo cool!!!!!

  3. Not to be mean I didn’t know it was a man but he has the best style sense

  4. I’m speechless! <3 Priceless clothes, priceless style!

  5. Catscratch

    :O I think a piece of me just died. Why are no Americans this freaking epic? T_T Let me just… *Sits in corner*

  6. Im annoyed no one can be this unique in Europe. The police would probably stop you and treat you like you were running through the streets naked!! At least it would be like that where i come from.